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Is it Worth the Trip? A Closer Look at Dental Tourism

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The mandate of the Alberta Academy of Periodontics is to serve Albertans and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their oral health. As travel to foreign destinations becomes more accessible for many people, combining a trip with the opportunity to seek necessary, and lower cost dental care, can seem like a reasonable choice. While it may seem like significant savings on the surface, the true cost of treatment that is completed abroad may only become apparent once you return home. Being fully informed about Dental Tourism and your planned treatment abroad, before you leave on your trip, will ensure your treatment meets your expectations, and that you are able to avoid bringing back any unpleasant “dental souvenirs.”

Dental Tourism | Alberta Academy of Periodontics | Periodontists | Alberta

What to Consider Before Scheduling Dental Treatment Abroad

The following questions should help guide you in your decision-making process:

Canada has one of the highest standards for delivery of oral health care in the world. When electing treatment in a foreign country, it is important to consider the standard of care you will be receiving, and how reliable the result will be, both of which affect long-term functionality of the treatment.

Dental care often requires follow-up to refine treatment or manage complications if they arise. It is important to factor in the time, cost, and effort required to return to your original point of care for follow-up. Often, costs for repair or replacement of failed treatment can be in excess of the originally estimated fees.

Health Canada regulates and enforces which dental materials and instruments can be used in the provision of dental care in Canada. Use of instruments and materials that do not meet these standards increases the risks of treatment failure, your health, and your safety. Dental implant systems not approved by Health Canada are not available for purchase in Canada, so the instruments and parts needed to maintain or repair them are not available by local dental care professionals.

Alberta has one of the highest standards of infection control in Canada. In fact, Alberta’s guidelines exceed even those set out by many centers for disease control. Infection control guidelines vary by country and will likely not meet the level guidelines you have enjoyed in dental offices in Alberta.

Long term treatment success requires skilled providers. Canada has enforceable national standards of training, and dentists and dental care providers (assistants, hygienists, laboratory technicians, etc.) are required to regularly attend continuing education to maintain their licenses. The standards, qualifications, and oversight of dentists vary by country, so the foreign country where you are considering getting treatment, may not meet the standards required in Canada.

As Alberta Periodontists, we are dedicated to your oral health, and we wish you success wherever you choose to have your treatment completed. If you are considering receiving dental care outside of Canada, we encourage you to do your research. If upon your return home, you do experience complications with your treatment abroad, please do not hesitate to contact your local periodontist for help. As Alberta Periodontists, we welcome the opportunity to be a part of your team of oral healthcare providers, for a lifetime of oral health, wellness, and comfort.

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